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Belgian Red Devils App

The Belgian Red Devils app, powered by Proximus, is the only official app of the Belgian Red Devils, a must for all fans with exclusive 'Devil snaps', where you will be the first to get content behind the scenes.

Our Belgian Red Devils have never been so close! Through the application, you’ll also vote for your Devil of the Match, energized by Luminus.


Through the BRD application, you will discover :

  • Devil snaps behind the scenes of our Belgian Red Devils with unique photos and videos, and push notification;
  • The Devil of the Match: you choose your Devil of the Match through the application;
  • Team news in preview;
  • The Belgian Red Devils program with all trainings and matches;
  • The match center, with updates during matches;
  • The fanguide, the essential tool for every fan when traveling abroad.

Download and install the ‘BRD App’ now : ! 

Best of Belgian Football

All players and supporters of any country's football team are confident their team is the best in the world, which is why the Belgian FA launched a new initiative: Best of Belgian Football (BBF).

Best of Belgian Football allows each team to become champion of the country, even if you are not a goal machine. The goals are not a determining factor in the BBF competition, every game will indeed be listed on three important aspects: respect, spectacle and atmosphere. This BBF quotation is therefore for both teams and stimulates what football offers as most beautiful on and off the pitch. Everyone will also have the opportunity to go for the title of the BBF competition, national and provincial divisions, boys and girls, young and old.

The beating heart of Best of Belgian Football is a new application, since the BBF rating is an average of all the individual scores recorded by fans, players and referees. All these scores are recorded every weekend to be the Best of Belgian Football.

But the application also provides a wealth of information to any fan of football. The fans will be able to track their favorite players. Is your cousin still the top scorer of the series? And did your daughter play this weekend? You will have a good overview of all Belgian football pitches. Applying Best of Belgian Football not only gives you access to all football grounds in the country, it will also guide you through its digital road maps or notify you when a match is awarded.

A wealth of information that allows us to see at the end of the weekend if the "Thomas" have scored more goals than "Julian" in Belgium. You'll also know who scored the fastest goal at a specific day, and if women were awarded more or fewer cards than men.

All supporters of all the best teams in the world deserve the best possible football application. Best of Belgian Football wishes to ensure that Belgian football is even more fun than it already is.

Discover "Best of Belgian Football" through the free mobile application for iOS and Android. Download the application via the App Store or Google Play.